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Hi my name is Trevor Simpson and I would like to welcome you to SoulClarity, my website to introduce the concept of Spiritual Coaching. I suspect you have found this site because you are curious. You may have encountered someone who referred you or you may have found me by chance but before you read more about what Spiritual Coaching is, I would like to pose some possibilities for you to identify whether Spiritual Coaching is for you.

“You feel lost in a fog not sure where your life is going and you feel as though you are missing something important.”

“You feel curious about the direction of your life. You sense there is something more that you could explore but don’t know how to proceed”

“The idea that life is an unfolding journey appeals to you. You are open to the possibility that it is not solely about outcomes. The traditional appeals of love, money, power are diminishing in importance.”

“You suspect that at your core is a deeper wisdom that can guide you and you are interested in finding tools to access your intuition.”

“Spiritual Coaching is not life coaching, psychotherapy or deconstruction. It may encourage you to think differently.”

If you are still interested in further exploration then make your move and check “What is Spiritual Coaching?

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I dreamed a thousand new paths.
I woke and walked my old one.
- Chinese Proverb