The Tools of Spiritual Coaching

The Body Scan
The body scan is a guided meditation technique to get in touch with any information that your body may be storing. The body is an amazing tool for discernment. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher once said “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” In addition a scan of the charkas, energy centres in the body, can reveal blocks for exploration.

Dreams can be an amazing way that your inner wisdom attempts to approach your conscious mind. These types of dreams are frequently encoded in symbols and we employ an approach of dream interpretation based on Dream Partnering. The spiritual coach supports you in your dream discovery and assists you to explore the energy, feelings and consciousness behind the dream. Dreams can rarely be resolved in the conscious mind. Dream Partnering helps you access your own intuitive understand of the dream’s guidance.

Active Imagination
When we start to explore our inner landscape it is not uncommon for figures or archetypes to emerge which can both support and guide us. Active
imagination is a meditative process where you create a dialogue with a character to inquire into the gifts it is bringing

As we approach areas of possible inner growth we can also encounter resistance. Resistance is frequently an unconscious way our ego attempts to avoid the exploration. Because it is unconscious it may present itself as your critic, or as a negative projection on your coach. It can show up in procrastination, forgetfulness, rationalizing, missing or changing appointments, confusion, distraction and indecision. It always provides an entry point for insight.

As you explore the relationship between your inner landscape and your outer reality conflict may arise and you are faced with major decisions in your life. The DecisionClarity model is a self-guided process designed to focus intention and attention and facilitate our insight. It works with four simple steps: Defining the question, Going within for guidance, Release and let go and Checking for the answer. It is designed to bring you into an inner context where your deeper wisdom is revealed.

The Peek/Peak Experience
As we explore our inner landscape we start to encounter phenomenon that our rational mind finds confusing. Meaningful coincidences (synchronicities) start to show up and occasionally we have an experience that we just can’t explain. Welcome to the world of the mystic. These peak experiences can offer an entrée to inner discovery. The renowned philosopher Ken Wilbur refers to them also as peek experiences because they provide a glimpse into a new reality.

Creative Imagination
Creative imagination is when we start to allow ourselves to be guided by our inner awareness through the imagination. We may do a drawing, some journaling or perhaps building a mandala while not being controlled by the rational mind. Or perhaps we are guided into a visualization and encounter some imaginative guidance in the form of a archetypal figure. For example one client encountered a Viking Monk.

Silence has great power and in spiritual coaching we will practice moments of silence to allow your inner voice to engage. It is often in the silence that magic occurs. It is in the void of silence that Spirit can play a role in the unfolding drama.

Oracle and Divination Tools
As you get involved with your inner landscape you may begin getting in touch with intuitive senses with which you have lost touch. Many modern day philosophers believe that human beings are evolving beyond the rational/logical paradigm that controls our thinking today. Ken Wilbur, renowned American philosopher, suggests the psychic realm only opens at a certain stage of our evolution. Oracles and divination tools provide opportunities for your inner wisdom to present itself. They are It is important to remember, that no matter what the words may say, the only insights that have real value are the ones that resonate with you. There are many possibilities to work with including Runes, the Tarot, the I Ching and Animal Cards to name but a few.

There are more things in heaven
and on earth, Horatio, than are
dreamt of in your philosophy.
- William Shakespeare "Hamlet"