"As a transpersonal psychologist I know the necessity of the inner world supporting and directing that which we want to manifest in the outer life.
So when I decided to get some support with a project I had created, I knew I needed to work with someone who understands and has expertise in both realms.This quality is rare, and is one of Trevor's greatest strengths as a spiritual coach.

He has helped me prioritize goals that resulted in details being completed, as well as supporting me to have a more balanced life.

Trevor is insightful and clear, he provides the structure to accomplish your goals while ensuring your soul is being honored."

Indrus Piche M.A. Transpersonal Psychologist

“As an emerging artist of modern culture trapped in the mind of a semi-skeptical pseudo scientific marketing geek, I approached the idea of spiritual coaching with an open mind and moderate expectations. I have since upgraded my weekly session to ‘must-do’ priority. Trevor’s Spiritual Coaching is relaxing, invigorating and has helped boost both my creativity and my curiosity. I learn something new about myself every week, and am enjoying life’s journey more than ever. For anyone seeking a deeper look into their purpose, custom-tuned to their personal religious beliefs or otherwise, I highly recommend it.”
Lorne Craig Marketing Guru, Creative Genius, Extraordinary artist and writer

“My spiritual coaching with Trevor has been a huge support for a major transition that is unfolding in my life. Trevor’s intuition, insight and ability to be present, create a safe, accepting container for me to explore the deeper aspects and images of my inner journey. His gentle guidance and curiosity have opened deeper understanding and healing for me during this very critical time. He always seems to know just the perfect poem or practice to touch my heart in a way that brings me deeper clarity and compassion.”
Nancy Monson MA, MBA, CPCC Business Consultant and Life Coach

"Working with Trevor and his gentle guidance I have been able to address, focus and deepen my own inner work. Initially I asked Trevor to help me work through anxiety that held me in its grip at the time. That beginning became a journey into soul territory and his ability to guide me where I needed to be. Trevor’s way with words, his selection of readings, poetry and meditation practices have rewarded me through our sessions. I always feel connected to my heart after a session with Trevor."
The eye is meant to see things. The soul is here for its own joy.....Rumi
In gratitude.....Lynn Marttila

I never teach my pupils. I only
attempt to provide the conditions
in which they can learn.
- Albert Einstein